Mcmillan computing, inc.


Formed in September 1996 in Houston, Texas, McMillan Computing, Inc. has served long-term and short-term needs for over 70 clients. While most client work remains in and around the Houston metropolis, special client engagements have included sites in Austin and Dallas, New Orleans and Oklahoma City,  and even in Mountain View, California.

Here are the Advantages that McMillan Computing, Inc. can bring to your organization.

Accommodate Variable Scheduling:

Whether the need is for a few days on a short-term project, two or three days a week for long-term system support, or even one day a week to provide on-the-job training, McMillan Computing, Inc. works to accommodate client needs.

Knowledge and Experience both Present & Past:

Not only can McMillan Computing, Inc. support the latest virtual Unix and Linux environments, many clients have benefitted from legacy Unix and Linux support from all the way back to the early 1990’s.

Quick System Diagnosis:

When systems or applications are down or outside vendors are blaming one another, McMillan Computing, Inc. has been able to assist clients in resolving down time issues or coming up with a quick and viable solution for moving forward.

Vendor Agnostic:

When researching new hardware and application strategies, McMillan Computing, Inc. can help examine all of the pros and cons of each vendor’s solution to make it easier to see the “big picture.”

Support for Emergency Situations:

In addition to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance planning, when emergencies arise, McMillan Computing, Inc. has successfully assisted long-term clients during Hurricanes Katrina and Ike and during the Egyptian Crisis.


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